Work Out in Style: Trendiest Gym Outfits

Working out and being active is great, because it keeps you moving which in return can keep you healthy. However, even when we are sweating away our calories at the gym or running, we still want to look cute and somewhat put together. So here are some ideas how you can work out in style without being uncomfortable or feeling like your trendy clothing isn’t letting you get in a great workout. Even celebrity workout outfits will pale in comparison to yours.

workout gear

One of the best ways how to add style to your basic workout outfit is to add colored pieces to your outfit as well as to color coordinate your workout outfit. Many times people like to wear all black or other neutral colored workout outfits, because they don’t draw as much attention to you as colored outfit would, but you can add color to your workout clothing selection without looking like a clown on the treadmill or in a yoga class. For example, instead of buying a sports bra in black, gray or white, chose one in purple, pink or even blue, green or red to instantly add a pop of color to your workout gear. Then wear the sports bra with a shirt that reveals your back or that has other detail to let the color peak through and your outfit will instantly look more stylish. As for color coordination you can either match the color of your sports bra with the color of your yoga math or even your sneakers and it will look like you had effortlessly picked out the perfect workout clothes.

printed leggings

Another option is to instead of adding color, adding prints to your workout clothing. This can easily be done by wearing printed leggings with a basic T-shirt or a printed sports top with a solid colored leggings or workout pants. The pattern will make your outfit interesting to look at and will pop in the sea of neutral colored workout clothes, making it look like you are stylish even when you are working out. On top of that fun printed or colored clothing pieces instantly brightens up even the most gloomiest of days, so maybe next time the early run on a rainy morning won’t seem as hard just because you will be wearing bright workout gear.

workout clothing line

But if you want a totally no brainier wardrobe of workout outfits that will always look good even if you picked out the pieces with your eyes closed, then try to buy gym clothes that either are in the same color family or has the same look. You can even go as far as buy all he pieces from one collection as usually a collection includes clothing pieces that are similar in style and go well together, even if they are mixed and matched. But even by just sticking to one style, color or material clothing usually you can easily achieve that put-together look, no matter if we are talking about workout clothing, casual clothes or work-wear.