Women’s Summer 2016 Shoe Trend Report

Shoes are a crucial part of our style and everyday look, because shoes are the one accessory that often completes our look and gives it that extra touch to call it an outfit rather than just clothing pieces you wear. And although we often don’t follow shoe trends as closely as fashion trends, since shoes most of the time are more of an investment, I think it is still important to know what is trendy, since that will be what you see in the store and what will be your options when you go in search of new pair of shoes.

Casual sneakers

casual sneakers

One of the hottest shoe trends in the Spring/ summer season of 2016 is sneakers. Although sneakers probably will be cool always, because they are comfortable and are the ideal casual I-can-do-anything-in-them shoe. But this season especially you see the sneakers back in style and being worn not only with casual pants and shorts but also with fancy dresses and even dinner outfits. No more the sneaker is reserved for casual day, wear it everywhere with everything.



Following the casual sneaker trend is the slip-on shoe trend that are even more easy to wear thanks to the fact that they don’t require any tying or lacing up. You can easily slide them on and off but they won’t come of on their own as regular slides would. Many street style gurus swear by their slip-ons and you should try this casual yet stylish shoe too.

Pointed Toe

Pointed-toe shoes

Pointed-toe shoes have been hot for a while now, and it doesn’t seem like they are going anywhere this summer season either. From flats and loafers with pointed toes to heels and even boots with pointed toe, you will be seeing at least a couple of variations of this type of shoe in every shoe store you go. Just make sure that they are comfortable to walk in before you buy them, because some shoes with more extreme pointed-toes can prove to take some practice to be easy to walk in.

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator Sandals

Another returning trend is the gladiator sandal that were gracing all the biggest runway shows and can be seen of many fashion bloggers. You can buy either a more understated version of the shoe that laces up only a little or you can really go for it and buy gladiators that lace up to your knee. Yes, they might look a bit extreme in some settings, but if you really want to pack a punch with your summer shoes, then gladiator sandals might just be the way to do it.



Believe or not but slippers or so called slides with closed toe also were seen in fashion week as well as on the streets. They are insanely comfortable, not without reason they are called slippers, but at the same time the outdoors versions of them are very stylish, too, and can be your ultimate shoe to wear everyday this summer.

Statement heels

Statement heels

And even though all previous shoes mostly were casual shoes, heels aren’t going anywhere either. They are just becoming bolder, more colorful and more out-there. Be it rainbow, print, bedazzled heels or shoes with special designs on them, statement heel will be the perfect thing to add interest to an otherwise simple outfit. Just make sure that if you do decide to wear a statement shoe then try to keep the rest of your outfit and accessories fairly plain or monochrome, so the shoes can be the star of your outfit.