Manicure Fashion Tendencies

Nails are as important as clothes when it come to fashion tendencies. Although there is not so much space for creative expression on nails as it is for other body parts, there are still some trends that refers to the color, texture, shape and style. Let’s find out what fashionable nails should look this season.

First let’s talk about colors. Although in clothing more dark natural earth tones are used, in manicure there are no boundaries when it comes to colors. Of course if you choose color tones that are actual in clothing, it will be easier to match your nails with clothes, but still, nails this season can be painted in any color and there can also be different color combinations used. As in previous seasons, also now each nail can be painted in different color and also in different style.

When it comes to shape, newest tendencies are quite different form the last seasons. First of all, now short or medium nails are considered as fashionable. Long nails are not so common, although they still appear in some fashion events and magazines. The shapes of nails, however, can be very different. From pointy to flat and round. Actually very creative and even unusual shapes are now trendy.

Mostly manicure fashion tendencies appears in different styles and textures. One of the hottest trend is upgraded french manicure. That means the nail itself is in different color than the edge of it, like in typical french manicure, but the difference is that there can be very different colors used not only pink and white. For example, very common nail style is the same color for whole nail, but the edge is glanced and the whole nail is matted. Another common example is natural colored nail with shiny edge. Just two bright colors can be used as well.

Another trend is to paint the nail cuticle or lower part in different color. It is like opposite french manicure. Here again all kind of styles and colors can be used. There can be natural circles highlighted or all kind of shapes painted. Also there can be spaces in coloring and some extra ornaments to make nails even more outstanding and interesting.

All kind of traditional ornaments can be put on nails as well. In this summer season henna type ornaments were trendy, but now more Scandinavian type ornaments are used, as it reflects the cold weather. Also more modern ornaments are quite common such as graphics, all kind of colorful lines etc.

And as always, minimalism is fashionable as well – nails can be painted in one color. It looks classic and elegant and goes together with any outfit. If you choose this style you can show your sense of fashion by choosing most common colors such as wine red, olive green, violet, gray and blue or by using matte colors. Simple one color nails also can be complimented with small shiny details such as metallic lines, small glitters or sparkles.