New Winter Fashion Trends

Cold weather has arrived and it is time to get some new items from for your winter wardrobe. This year fashion trends are very unique and different from each other. There are both, very classic, simple outfits and very colorful, crazy and outstanding ones as well. This variety makes it possible to find find appropriate outfit for everyone.

The most noticeable item of a winter wardrobe definitely is jacket or coat, so it important to choose coat that is trendy, but yet good looking and appropriate for your body type, beside if you are planning to wear it for more than one season, make sure it is not too outstanding. For more practical women classical, simple coat will always work, but this season especially trendy are oversize coats. Also military type coats and colorful jackets are still actual.

The next item that should be chosen very careful is pants. This season there are two major trends – jeans and leather pants. If we talk about jeans then all kind of variations are considered as trendy. Both, high waist and low waist jeans are fashionable, beside also all kind of height and width are considered as trendy. Basically, you can choose any kind of jeans that fit to your body type. If we talk more about high fashion than wide jeans with high waist and tears are quite common. Leather pants also can have all kinds of variations. If in the previous seasons black leather pants was almost only ones that was fashionable, than now all colors and shapes are accepted, beside real leather will also keep you warm at col days.

Unlike previous winter season, now short boots are very trendy. Especially actual are booths which reaches only until the ankles. Boots must be with heavy heels or with no heels at all and toe-cap of the boots can be either round or little bit pointy. Especially elegant are shammy or rough leather boots. Basically, simple, modest boots that goes together with outfit will work, but huge army type of boots are also actual.

Of course knitwear is actual just like in any winter, but this year there are some unique trends. Both calm and very bright colors are widely accepted, but there can be no in between. Either you wear pastel shades or very intensive colors. Also all kinds of fractures and details used. For example, stripes are very common. Also there are metal decors used such as zippers in the sides. If we talk about shape then definitely baggy, oversize sweaters are over the top. Another knitwear trend defiantly is knitted dress.

The main accessory of wintertime is a scarf. Now all kind of outstanding prints are actual. For example, wide lines, animal prints, bright colors etc. Big scarfs are still trendy, but now more woolen textile scarfs are being used instead of knitted ones. Basically the main rule remains that scarf must go along with rest of the outfit.

This yer big accent is put on winter hats. Designers mostly choose simple, close hats in bright colors and little bit loose roughly knitted hats, but remember that you should always choose a hat that goes along with your face shape. No matter what is trendy or fashionable, you should never choose a hat that makes you look weird.

What prints to choose this season?

For many seasons bright, outstanding, electric prints have been actual fashion trend and this autumn/winter season is no exception. From the good old animal prints until very unusual and unique impressionism type prints – they are running the fashion industry. There are some of the most common and actual fashion prints.

As always, stripes are actual, and not only for shirts and pants, but for everything. This season also shoos, bags and other accessories comes with stripes. Also there are many different styles of stripes used. There are horizontal stripes, linear stripes, classic stripes, broken stripes etc. However, on the runaways horizontal stripes are dominating. If we talk about colors tan everything is possible this season – from classical black and white stripes until unusual, contrasting blue and orange stripes and elegant black and dark blue stripes.

Checked patterns and plaids are very common between top designers this season. This kind of prints are quite unusual, but actually they can look great on both, classical business women’s outfit and playful youngster’s outfit. It all depends on colors, combinations, patterns and shapes. This season more inconspicuous, modest color combinations are used in different outfits with checked patterns to make elegant, but still outstanding appearance.

Dots are coming back in fashion as well. There are classical black and white polka dots and all kind of cheerful dot combinations used. Similar to stripes, also dots can be in all kind of colors, sizes and patterns. Mostly there are either light dots on dark background or opposite – dark dots on light background, but still combinations and everything else can be variable. You can’t go wrong with dots this season.

Although we are talking about winter fashion trends, flower patterns are on the top. Unlike summer season, now more calm, elegant colors are used in floral prints such as dark blue, dark red, olive green and pastels. The flower patterns must be coherent with the background. Floral patterns are mostly used in evening gown and blouses.

And of course, animal prints are fashionable. Actually they have always been actual, but now they are used in new manner. Leopard, tiger, zebra and reptile and other animal prints are widely used in jumpsuits, jackets and in other business type clothes. Mostly there are very natural patterns used in realistic colors.

All kind of realistic prints are now on the top. Actual human portrait photographs are being printed on the tops, sweaters, blouses, dresses etc. They are complimented with all kind of artistic elements to make clothes look like a piece of modern art.

And the last print trend is all kind of girly elements used in one outfit. For example, flowers, stars, butterflies, hearts etc. Sounds even childish, but actually if they are put together in a right pattern, it looks very elegant and can be used not only in youngster fashion but also in high fashion evening gown and business jumpsuits. Mostly there are very small elements and matched colors used so the patter doesn’t come out too outstanding and childish.

Menswear Fashion Trends Summer 2016

Fashion is an ever-changing thing with trends coming and going each season. But if you want to appear at least a little up to date with the trends, you have to make sure you know what is in style each season. And that doesn’t apply only to women, because men too, should make sure they know the trend basics each season. Which is why here is a menswear fashion trend report for spring/summer 2016.

Above-the-knee shorts


One of the main trends in menswear this season are knee skimming and above-the-knee lenght shorts. They can be in different colors, with different patterns and made from different materials, as long as they are at above the knee length. The length is key this season. And good news for men, shorts of this length are flattering to virtually anyone as well as these shorts are one of the most wearable and versatile trends of the season. And fashion usually is not cheap so you will need loans – sesxebi – to buy these clothes.



For those who are not afraid to rock some colorful and out-there patterns, this is good news, because patterns could be seen everywhere on the menswear runways. Even more so patterns on patters are huge this season too, so put on your pattern shorts or pants and don’t be afraid to pair them with a patterned shirt. But if you are brave enough, try a patterned suit for a eye-catching fashion statement.



Although usually spring and summer is the time of bright colors, this season gray dominated the color scheme, creating a more subdue color palette for this season. Not only gray is a very wearable color, because I am sure that you already have multiple gray items in your closet, it also can be a great transitional or even year-around color to wear, so you can really invest in some quality gray items like gray shoes, pants or a gray blazer.


backpack trend

Although backpacks have been an essential part of men’s wardrobe for a long time, this season these all-purpose-style bags have gotten sleeker and more fashionable. Right now it is trendy to wear backpacks in distinct shapes and from interesting materials, for example a structured rectangular leather backpack, that will elevate any outfit and will ass style element to it, even if you are wearing simple sweats and a t-shirt.



An lastly for those colder or rainy summer days, it is o trend to put on an anorak instead of a leather or any other jacket. You ca either purchase a real heavy duty anorak made from a material, that won’t let through the wind or the rain, or you can go for a more sweater like of anorak made from simple fabric that you can throw on when it gets chillier in those summer nights. Bonus points if you buy the anorak in gray, green or navy blue colors, which all dominated the runways color wise.

Summer Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

Summer is great for outdoors parties, picnics and events. But one of the most common summer-time event is weddings, because a lot of people want to get married when it is warm outside, when the sun is shining and you can wear beautiful dress and not be cold in it. Unfortunately for those who are in the wedding guest status, that can mean that you have at least a few weddings to go to this summer. So to help you stress a little less and to figure out your outfit for your next summer wedding a little easier, here are some timeless wedding guest outfit ideas.

A maxi dress in pastel colors

maxi dresses

Weddings especially summer weddings scream pastels and airy dresses, so why not combine these two things into one summer wedding perfect outfit of a pastel colored maxi dress. A maxi dress means that the dress is usually floor or at least ankle length and this length not only is flattering for almost every body shape, it also is comfortable and you won’t have to worry that you are showing too much skin at the wedding. Nowadays there are maxi dresses in most silhouettes and colors, so you can really find one that will look perfect on you and still fit into the pastel maxi dress category. Pinks, light blues, lilacs, light yellows, anything goes. But if you don’t like pastels or feel that they wash you out, you can also go for a maxi dress in a bolder colors, however try to avoid white, black bold red or other colors that could look out of place in a summer wedding and that could somehow offend the bride or other wedding guests.

Floral dresses

floral dresses

Another option for those who like a little more pattern in their life is a floral dress of any length. Florals are perfect for weddings and you ca get away by wearing vitally any variation of a floral dress as long as it is not similar to a dress that a bride would wear. Dresses with muted floral look great and summery, also two peace type dresses with a solid top and floral bottom looks amazing, too. And the bet part, you can probably find a floral dress (or at least a floral skirt) in any clothing store, so you won’t have to go to expensive stores and spend a ton of money, to find a floral dress, that will look good for you and that will be suitable to wear to a wedding.

Romper or a jumpsuit


But if you are not a dresses and skirts girl or you just know that you will have to do a lot of running around and you don’t want to wear a dress to a wedding, try wearing either a romper or a jumpsuit to a wedding. Nowadays these options are as popular to wear on festive occasions as it is to wear a dress. If you do decide on a romper, just remember to make sure it is in a decent length and doesn’t reveal too much, as sometimes rompers tend to be very short. And also maybe try to get your romper or jumpsuit in a pastel color or in a floral pattern so it doesn’t look too similar to suits that men are wearing, so you can be comfortable while still maintaining your femininity.

Work Out in Style: Trendiest Gym Outfits

Working out and being active is great, because it keeps you moving which in return can keep you healthy. However, even when we are sweating away our calories at the gym or running, we still want to look cute and somewhat put together. So here are some ideas how you can work out in style without being uncomfortable or feeling like your trendy clothing isn’t letting you get in a great workout. Even celebrity workout outfits will pale in comparison to yours.

workout gear

One of the best ways how to add style to your basic workout outfit is to add colored pieces to your outfit as well as to color coordinate your workout outfit. Many times people like to wear all black or other neutral colored workout outfits, because they don’t draw as much attention to you as colored outfit would, but you can add color to your workout clothing selection without looking like a clown on the treadmill or in a yoga class. For example, instead of buying a sports bra in black, gray or white, chose one in purple, pink or even blue, green or red to instantly add a pop of color to your workout gear. Then wear the sports bra with a shirt that reveals your back or that has other detail to let the color peak through and your outfit will instantly look more stylish. As for color coordination you can either match the color of your sports bra with the color of your yoga math or even your sneakers and it will look like you had effortlessly picked out the perfect workout clothes.

printed leggings

Another option is to instead of adding color, adding prints to your workout clothing. This can easily be done by wearing printed leggings with a basic T-shirt or a printed sports top with a solid colored leggings or workout pants. The pattern will make your outfit interesting to look at and will pop in the sea of neutral colored workout clothes, making it look like you are stylish even when you are working out. On top of that fun printed or colored clothing pieces instantly brightens up even the most gloomiest of days, so maybe next time the early run on a rainy morning won’t seem as hard just because you will be wearing bright workout gear.

workout clothing line

But if you want a totally no brainier wardrobe of workout outfits that will always look good even if you picked out the pieces with your eyes closed, then try to buy gym clothes that either are in the same color family or has the same look. You can even go as far as buy all he pieces from one collection as usually a collection includes clothing pieces that are similar in style and go well together, even if they are mixed and matched. But even by just sticking to one style, color or material clothing usually you can easily achieve that put-together look, no matter if we are talking about workout clothing, casual clothes or work-wear.

Fashion Trends That Never Go Out of Style

Fashion is something that is ever changing, because every season there are new trends and new styles that come in style and go out of style. But if you don’t want to fallow fashion trends and you would rather build a timeless wardrobe, that won’t ever go out of style and only then buy a couple of pieces each season, that corresponds with the latest trends, then keep on reading this list of fashion trends and pieces that won’t ever go out of style.

White T-shirt

White T-shirt

There is something so simple and classic about the basic white T-shirt, which is why it earns one of the spots on the list of fashion trends that won’t go out of style. Granted to some white T-shirt might not be a trend, but I find that T-shirts of different kind usually are trends by themselves, and there are different types of T-shirts in style from season to season. But if you buy a good-fitting, simple cut white T-shirt, then it will became your wardrobe staple, since it can easily be worn with pencil skirt for a business appropriate outfit or with sweatpants for a ultra casual look.

Collar shirt

Collared shirt

Another type of top that won’t ever go out of style, since it is a staple of multiple different styles is the collared shirt. If in the past you mostly saw these shirts on people who wear have to wear business attire, then nowadays collar shirts ave become a everyday staple for many man and women alike. Weather you have a crisp white, black or even green, blue collared shirt or one in any other color under the rainbow, you won’t regret buying one even if it cost a bit more money, since it will serve you well for many years and many outfits.

Skinny or straight leg pant

Weather you prefer trousers or jeans, a pant in a skinny or straight leg cut is a classic and can be seen in every runway show in some shape or form. If you decide to add this type of pant to your wardrobe, I suggest purchasing it in a dark color, since it will flatter your figure and will go with everything. Can’t decide between the straight leg and skinny pant? Just try them on and see which silhouette looks better on your body shape and go from there. And if you think that you shouldn’t but jeans of this variety because they cannot be worn to the office, think again, because dark blue or even black jeans can look as chic as any other trouser.



You probably are bored of hearing about the LBD or Little Black Dress by now, but it still is and will probably always be a trend and won’t go out of style. Especially is you buy a LBD in a classic silhouette that flatters your body shape and it is in normal length so it can work for both clubbing and work dinner, then your LBD can become something you reach for every time you are not sure what to wear.

Leather jacket

Leather jacket

As for outerwear if many of these types of lists on fashion staples or always trendy pieces mention trench coats, then I thing that it is more important to own the perfect leather jacket. Yes, leather (or vegan leather) jackets can be expensive, however it is worth the investment, as the jacket will probably last you for many, many years. On top of that leather jacket just always adds something to the outfit, a touch of toughness and style, that can elevate your already trendy outfit to the next level or add an effortless cool factor to otherwise casual weekend style.

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Women’s Summer 2016 Shoe Trend Report

Shoes are a crucial part of our style and everyday look, because shoes are the one accessory that often completes our look and gives it that extra touch to call it an outfit rather than just clothing pieces you wear. And although we often don’t follow shoe trends as closely as fashion trends, since shoes most of the time are more of an investment, I think it is still important to know what is trendy, since that will be what you see in the store and what will be your options when you go in search of new pair of shoes.

Casual sneakers

casual sneakers

One of the hottest shoe trends in the Spring/ summer season of 2016 is sneakers. Although sneakers probably will be cool always, because they are comfortable and are the ideal casual I-can-do-anything-in-them shoe. But this season especially you see the sneakers back in style and being worn not only with casual pants and shorts but also with fancy dresses and even dinner outfits. No more the sneaker is reserved for casual day, wear it everywhere with everything.



Following the casual sneaker trend is the slip-on shoe trend that are even more easy to wear thanks to the fact that they don’t require any tying or lacing up. You can easily slide them on and off but they won’t come of on their own as regular slides would. Many street style gurus swear by their slip-ons and you should try this casual yet stylish shoe too.

Pointed Toe

Pointed-toe shoes

Pointed-toe shoes have been hot for a while now, and it doesn’t seem like they are going anywhere this summer season either. From flats and loafers with pointed toes to heels and even boots with pointed toe, you will be seeing at least a couple of variations of this type of shoe in every shoe store you go. Just make sure that they are comfortable to walk in before you buy them, because some shoes with more extreme pointed-toes can prove to take some practice to be easy to walk in.

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator Sandals

Another returning trend is the gladiator sandal that were gracing all the biggest runway shows and can be seen of many fashion bloggers. You can buy either a more understated version of the shoe that laces up only a little or you can really go for it and buy gladiators that lace up to your knee. Yes, they might look a bit extreme in some settings, but if you really want to pack a punch with your summer shoes, then gladiator sandals might just be the way to do it.



Believe or not but slippers or so called slides with closed toe also were seen in fashion week as well as on the streets. They are insanely comfortable, not without reason they are called slippers, but at the same time the outdoors versions of them are very stylish, too, and can be your ultimate shoe to wear everyday this summer.

Statement heels

Statement heels

And even though all previous shoes mostly were casual shoes, heels aren’t going anywhere either. They are just becoming bolder, more colorful and more out-there. Be it rainbow, print, bedazzled heels or shoes with special designs on them, statement heel will be the perfect thing to add interest to an otherwise simple outfit. Just make sure that if you do decide to wear a statement shoe then try to keep the rest of your outfit and accessories fairly plain or monochrome, so the shoes can be the star of your outfit.

Clothing Pieces Every Woman Should Own

Clothing is more than something we wear each day, it can not only be a powerful statement about your beliefs or opinions but also an extension of your personality. But even the quirkiest of dressers need some classic pieces in their wardrobe, that will serve as base layer for your owns, unique style expression.

Silky Blouse

Silky Blouse

On piece that you should invest in is a silky blouse that fits you just right. This piece can be worn in hundred different ways from pairing it with classic trousers or modest length skirt for more professional look to wearing with jean shorts and the sleeves rolled up for relaxed weekend look. And you can probably create an outfits using the silky blouse for any occasion from work day outfit to dinner date or even a wedding.

White T-shirt

white t-shirt

Sticking with the tops theme a basic white T-shirt also is essential in anyone’s closet. You could say that it is the King of closet essentials, because you can use it for both casual and dressy looks and wear with basically every piece of clothing in your closet. Just make sure you find the white T-shirt that is the best fit for your body type and you have a piece of clothing to reach every time you think you don’ t have anything to wear.

Layering tank or camisole

layering camisole trend

The of coarse you need to have a layering tank in your closet, preferably in three most common colors – white, black and nude. Every season there are tops in style that require a camisole under them, because they are either sheer or lacy and will show off way more skin than you want if there is nothing under them. Bonus, they can be worn on their own in the summer and you can easily layer them under sweaters, dresses and blouses in the winter for that added layer or warmness.

Basic Ballet Flats

Basic Ballet Flats

Probably the most essential shoe you can have is the basic Ballet flat, because they, too, is versatile and can be worn with business outfits or casual clothing, and will look equally good with a fancy dress and cut-off shorts. On top pf that they are comfortable, since they are a flat shoe, so you can easily run around in them and your legs won’ t get tired like they would in heels.

Ankle Booties

Ankle Booties

In the recent years low healed ankle booties in neutral colors have become the shoe to have, because they are chic, they look good with anything and they are comfortable to walk in. Even celebrities and style gurus have recognized the ankle booties as the one shoe o have in your closet for any season and every outfit.

Ankle-length black pants

Ankle-length black pants

On the bottoms department there are one pant that every woman should have and it is the ankle-length, perfectly fitted black pant. They look amazing with any top from band T-shirt to sleek blouse, dressing up the outfit and giving it sophisticated look. So if you don’ t ever want to try to struggle of finding an outfit for job interview, that big presentation or business lunch with the boss, invest in a cropped black pant.

Dark denim

Dark denim

And lastly you should also always have a pair of dark denim jeans on hand. Weather they are dark blue or full on black color and weather they are flared style of a skinny jean, they not only will make you look slimmer, but will go with everything. And you can even pull off wearing dark denim to work on more casual days since good fitting dark denim can look as good as tailored pant.

Best Affordable Fashion Online Stores

Nowadays shopping can be done in many different places, in many different ways and at many different price points so anybody can find something they like for a price that they can afford. And with online shopping you don’t even need to step outside your home to be able to purchase anything you want from clothing to electronics to even food and it will be delivered to you in a matter of days. However, there area times when shopping online, especially shopping for good quality clothing, can be tricky, so it is important to find online stores that offer affordable clothing that also are of good quality and offer great customer service.


One of the most famous online stores that offer affordable as well as high end clothing and have a huge selection of women and man clothing, shoes, accessories and even beauty products is ASOS. They pride themselves as being a fashion store with integrity, meaning that ASOS practices transparency and responsibility in business. And even though the target audience for clothing sold on ASOS mostly is for twenty-something, I find that on ASOS you can find something for any age and any sense of style.


Another UK online retailer, who has made a name for themselves as a online clothing store with affordable prices and great clothing is BooHoo. It started as a small team of designers in the north of England and now has grow no be an ever evolving clothing retailer that is accessible and creative. By shopping at boohoo you will be able to wear all the latest trends without having to spend a lot of money, so you can truly enjoy fashion.

Forever 21

Forever 21

This store is a bit different from the two previously mentioned online stores, since they stared as regular physical store based retailers and now have seamlessly transitioned into online retailer in addition of selling their clothing in the Forever 21 stores. Right now this company is the 5th largest US specialty retailer, while still being operated as family business. You will find all different clothing, accessories and shoes on the Forever 21 website for man and women, so you can have all the latest styles without being broke.



And lastly I should also mention website called Romwe, who offer a almost endless amount of clothing items thanks to the fact that they add 30 new clothing pieces every single day. Romwe is a China based company which was established just in 2009, but since then they have become one of the top worldwide online fashion retailers, offering great prices and amazing selection of clothing, so everyone can be sure to find something suited for them on the site.

Summer 2016 Fashion Trends

Summer is in full swing which means that newest summer fashions are plastered all over the magazine pages and street pavements. So if you want to know all the this seasons hottest trends, then keep on reading this Summer 2016 fashion trend report.

1. Rucksacks


One of the biggest trends this summer season is exchanging your summer tote-bag or handbag for a more hands-free option and carrying all your necessities in a rucksack. It was time when rucksacks were only worn by school kids and backpackers, but now you can see many fashion versions of the rucksack on the streets, decorated with the owners initials or brand names to make them more of a fashion statement.

2. Logo T-shirts

Logo T-shirt


Band and logo T-shirts are favorites among many, because they are basically the easiest thing you can throw on and go. But this season T-shirts with Logos on them are back in style and hotter than ever. The change this time around is that the Logo T-shirts aren’t worn to show your affiliation with a certain brand, rather they are worn ironically, hence why Logo T-shirts with phrases like FCUK are so popular.

3. Slip Dresses

Slip Dresses

Then there are the slip dresses that now can be seen everywhere. They might look like you are wearing your night gown as outerwear from the point of view of a person, that doesn’t follow fashion trends, but they are insanely comfortable since they are made from light, airy materials and adds your outfit a certain allure.

4. Fashionable Sweatpants

Fashionable Sweatpants

Yes, you read it right, sweatpants are in style this summer season. But not just any old, ratty sweatpants that has been in you closet for years. I am talking about those fashionable sweatpants that fit you just right and look effortlessly cool with your sneakers . Pair them with a matching sweatshirt to create a monochromatic look and you are good to go from lounging around your house, to running errands to even going shopping with your friends.

5. Off-The-Shoulder


And lastly this summer off-the-shoulder (or cold-shoulder) tops and dresses are huge and can be seen in every store in multiple different variations. Weather you prefer a crop top with an off-the-shoulder top worn under overalls or a simple dress that has an off-the-shoulder neckline to give it that special BOHO feel, you must try this trend this season. These necklines not only look effortless but also attracts attention, because why not show of your tanned shoulders during the summer?