Summer Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

Summer is great for outdoors parties, picnics and events. But one of the most common summer-time event is weddings, because a lot of people want to get married when it is warm outside, when the sun is shining and you can wear beautiful dress and not be cold in it. Unfortunately for those who are in the wedding guest status, that can mean that you have at least a few weddings to go to this summer. So to help you stress a little less and to figure out your outfit for your next summer wedding a little easier, here are some timeless wedding guest outfit ideas.

A maxi dress in pastel colors

maxi dresses

Weddings especially summer weddings scream pastels and airy dresses, so why not combine these two things into one summer wedding perfect outfit of a pastel colored maxi dress. A maxi dress means that the dress is usually floor or at least ankle length and this length not only is flattering for almost every body shape, it also is comfortable and you won’t have to worry that you are showing too much skin at the wedding. Nowadays there are maxi dresses in most silhouettes and colors, so you can really find one that will look perfect on you and still fit into the pastel maxi dress category. Pinks, light blues, lilacs, light yellows, anything goes. But if you don’t like pastels or feel that they wash you out, you can also go for a maxi dress in a bolder colors, however try to avoid white, black bold red or other colors that could look out of place in a summer wedding and that could somehow offend the bride or other wedding guests.

Floral dresses

floral dresses

Another option for those who like a little more pattern in their life is a floral dress of any length. Florals are perfect for weddings and you ca get away by wearing vitally any variation of a floral dress as long as it is not similar to a dress that a bride would wear. Dresses with muted floral look great and summery, also two peace type dresses with a solid top and floral bottom looks amazing, too. And the bet part, you can probably find a floral dress (or at least a floral skirt) in any clothing store, so you won’t have to go to expensive stores and spend a ton of money, to find a floral dress, that will look good for you and that will be suitable to wear to a wedding.

Romper or a jumpsuit


But if you are not a dresses and skirts girl or you just know that you will have to do a lot of running around and you don’t want to wear a dress to a wedding, try wearing either a romper or a jumpsuit to a wedding. Nowadays these options are as popular to wear on festive occasions as it is to wear a dress. If you do decide on a romper, just remember to make sure it is in a decent length and doesn’t reveal too much, as sometimes rompers tend to be very short. And also maybe try to get your romper or jumpsuit in a pastel color or in a floral pattern so it doesn’t look too similar to suits that men are wearing, so you can be comfortable while still maintaining your femininity.