Menswear Fashion Trends Summer 2016

Fashion is an ever-changing thing with trends coming and going each season. But if you want to appear at least a little up to date with the trends, you have to make sure you know what is in style each season. And that doesn’t apply only to women, because men too, should make sure they know the trend basics each season. Which is why here is a menswear fashion trend report for spring/summer 2016.

Above-the-knee shorts


One of the main trends in menswear this season are knee skimming and above-the-knee lenght shorts. They can be in different colors, with different patterns and made from different materials, as long as they are at above the knee length. The length is key this season. And good news for men, shorts of this length are flattering to virtually anyone as well as these shorts are one of the most wearable and versatile trends of the season. And fashion usually is not cheap so you will need loans – sesxebi – to buy these clothes.



For those who are not afraid to rock some colorful and out-there patterns, this is good news, because patterns could be seen everywhere on the menswear runways. Even more so patterns on patters are huge this season too, so put on your pattern shorts or pants and don’t be afraid to pair them with a patterned shirt. But if you are brave enough, try a patterned suit for a eye-catching fashion statement.



Although usually spring and summer is the time of bright colors, this season gray dominated the color scheme, creating a more subdue color palette for this season. Not only gray is a very wearable color, because I am sure that you already have multiple gray items in your closet, it also can be a great transitional or even year-around color to wear, so you can really invest in some quality gray items like gray shoes, pants or a gray blazer.


backpack trend

Although backpacks have been an essential part of men’s wardrobe for a long time, this season these all-purpose-style bags have gotten sleeker and more fashionable. Right now it is trendy to wear backpacks in distinct shapes and from interesting materials, for example a structured rectangular leather backpack, that will elevate any outfit and will ass style element to it, even if you are wearing simple sweats and a t-shirt.



An lastly for those colder or rainy summer days, it is o trend to put on an anorak instead of a leather or any other jacket. You ca either purchase a real heavy duty anorak made from a material, that won’t let through the wind or the rain, or you can go for a more sweater like of anorak made from simple fabric that you can throw on when it gets chillier in those summer nights. Bonus points if you buy the anorak in gray, green or navy blue colors, which all dominated the runways color wise.