Fashion Trends That Never Go Out of Style

Fashion is something that is ever changing, because every season there are new trends and new styles that come in style and go out of style. But if you don’t want to fallow fashion trends and you would rather build a timeless wardrobe, that won’t ever go out of style and only then buy a couple of pieces each season, that corresponds with the latest trends, then keep on reading this list of fashion trends and pieces that won’t ever go out of style.

White T-shirt

White T-shirt

There is something so simple and classic about the basic white T-shirt, which is why it earns one of the spots on the list of fashion trends that won’t go out of style. Granted to some white T-shirt might not be a trend, but I find that T-shirts of different kind usually are trends by themselves, and there are different types of T-shirts in style from season to season. But if you buy a good-fitting, simple cut white T-shirt, then it will became your wardrobe staple, since it can easily be worn with pencil skirt for a business appropriate outfit or with sweatpants for a ultra casual look.

Collar shirt

Collared shirt

Another type of top that won’t ever go out of style, since it is a staple of multiple different styles is the collared shirt. If in the past you mostly saw these shirts on people who wear have to wear business attire, then nowadays collar shirts ave become a everyday staple for many man and women alike. Weather you have a crisp white, black or even green, blue collared shirt or one in any other color under the rainbow, you won’t regret buying one even if it cost a bit more money, since it will serve you well for many years and many outfits.

Skinny or straight leg pant

Weather you prefer trousers or jeans, a pant in a skinny or straight leg cut is a classic and can be seen in every runway show in some shape or form. If you decide to add this type of pant to your wardrobe, I suggest purchasing it in a dark color, since it will flatter your figure and will go with everything. Can’t decide between the straight leg and skinny pant? Just try them on and see which silhouette looks better on your body shape and go from there. And if you think that you shouldn’t but jeans of this variety because they cannot be worn to the office, think again, because dark blue or even black jeans can look as chic as any other trouser.



You probably are bored of hearing about the LBD or Little Black Dress by now, but it still is and will probably always be a trend and won’t go out of style. Especially is you buy a LBD in a classic silhouette that flatters your body shape and it is in normal length so it can work for both clubbing and work dinner, then your LBD can become something you reach for every time you are not sure what to wear.

Leather jacket

Leather jacket

As for outerwear if many of these types of lists on fashion staples or always trendy pieces mention trench coats, then I thing that it is more important to own the perfect leather jacket. Yes, leather (or vegan leather) jackets can be expensive, however it is worth the investment, as the jacket will probably last you for many, many years. On top of that leather jacket just always adds something to the outfit, a touch of toughness and style, that can elevate your already trendy outfit to the next level or add an effortless cool factor to otherwise casual weekend style.

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