What prints to choose this season?

For many seasons bright, outstanding, electric prints have been actual fashion trend and this autumn/winter season is no exception. From the good old animal prints until very unusual and unique impressionism type prints – they are running the fashion industry. There are some of the most common and actual fashion prints.

As always, stripes are actual, and not only for shirts and pants, but for everything. This season also shoos, bags and other accessories comes with stripes. Also there are many different styles of stripes used. There are horizontal stripes, linear stripes, classic stripes, broken stripes etc. However, on the runaways horizontal stripes are dominating. If we talk about colors tan everything is possible this season – from classical black and white stripes until unusual, contrasting blue and orange stripes and elegant black and dark blue stripes.

Checked patterns and plaids are very common between top designers this season. This kind of prints are quite unusual, but actually they can look great on both, classical business women’s outfit and playful youngster’s outfit. It all depends on colors, combinations, patterns and shapes. This season more inconspicuous, modest color combinations are used in different outfits with checked patterns to make elegant, but still outstanding appearance.

Dots are coming back in fashion as well. There are classical black and white polka dots and all kind of cheerful dot combinations used. Similar to stripes, also dots can be in all kind of colors, sizes and patterns. Mostly there are either light dots on dark background or opposite – dark dots on light background, but still combinations and everything else can be variable. You can’t go wrong with dots this season.

Although we are talking about winter fashion trends, flower patterns are on the top. Unlike summer season, now more calm, elegant colors are used in floral prints such as dark blue, dark red, olive green and pastels. The flower patterns must be coherent with the background. Floral patterns are mostly used in evening gown and blouses.

And of course, animal prints are fashionable. Actually they have always been actual, but now they are used in new manner. Leopard, tiger, zebra and reptile and other animal prints are widely used in jumpsuits, jackets and in other business type clothes. Mostly there are very natural patterns used in realistic colors.

All kind of realistic prints are now on the top. Actual human portrait photographs are being printed on the tops, sweaters, blouses, dresses etc. They are complimented with all kind of artistic elements to make clothes look like a piece of modern art.

And the last print trend is all kind of girly elements used in one outfit. For example, flowers, stars, butterflies, hearts etc. Sounds even childish, but actually if they are put together in a right pattern, it looks very elegant and can be used not only in youngster fashion but also in high fashion evening gown and business jumpsuits. Mostly there are very small elements and matched colors used so the patter doesn’t come out too outstanding and childish.