New Winter Fashion Trends

Cold weather has arrived and it is time to get some new items from for your winter wardrobe. This year fashion trends are very unique and different from each other. There are both, very classic, simple outfits and very colorful, crazy and outstanding ones as well. This variety makes it possible to find find appropriate outfit for everyone.

The most noticeable item of a winter wardrobe definitely is jacket or coat, so it important to choose coat that is trendy, but yet good looking and appropriate for your body type, beside if you are planning to wear it for more than one season, make sure it is not too outstanding. For more practical women classical, simple coat will always work, but this season especially trendy are oversize coats. Also military type coats and colorful jackets are still actual.

The next item that should be chosen very careful is pants. This season there are two major trends – jeans and leather pants. If we talk about jeans then all kind of variations are considered as trendy. Both, high waist and low waist jeans are fashionable, beside also all kind of height and width are considered as trendy. Basically, you can choose any kind of jeans that fit to your body type. If we talk more about high fashion than wide jeans with high waist and tears are quite common. Leather pants also can have all kinds of variations. If in the previous seasons black leather pants was almost only ones that was fashionable, than now all colors and shapes are accepted, beside real leather will also keep you warm at col days.

Unlike previous winter season, now short boots are very trendy. Especially actual are booths which reaches only until the ankles. Boots must be with heavy heels or with no heels at all and toe-cap of the boots can be either round or little bit pointy. Especially elegant are shammy or rough leather boots. Basically, simple, modest boots that goes together with outfit will work, but huge army type of boots are also actual.

Of course knitwear is actual just like in any winter, but this year there are some unique trends. Both calm and very bright colors are widely accepted, but there can be no in between. Either you wear pastel shades or very intensive colors. Also all kinds of fractures and details used. For example, stripes are very common. Also there are metal decors used such as zippers in the sides. If we talk about shape then definitely baggy, oversize sweaters are over the top. Another knitwear trend defiantly is knitted dress.

The main accessory of wintertime is a scarf. Now all kind of outstanding prints are actual. For example, wide lines, animal prints, bright colors etc. Big scarfs are still trendy, but now more woolen textile scarfs are being used instead of knitted ones. Basically the main rule remains that scarf must go along with rest of the outfit.

This yer big accent is put on winter hats. Designers mostly choose simple, close hats in bright colors and little bit loose roughly knitted hats, but remember that you should always choose a hat that goes along with your face shape. No matter what is trendy or fashionable, you should never choose a hat that makes you look weird.