Must have fashion items you need to get this season

As we all know, there are some overall must have fashion items such as little black dress, classical coat, comfortable high heel shoes and other things that can be useful in any situation, but also there are some items you should get exactly for this season to make your look fashionable in any occasion.

First item is the 90s style slip dress. It is very simple airy dress that is very actual fashion tendency right now and can wok in almost any situation. You can use it as everyday outfit for work or other simple occasions if it is combined with classical jacket and simple shoos or as evening dress if combined with some elegant accessories such as jewelry and high heel shoes. Slip dress is a great base that can be turned into a fashion outfit.

Next item is pajama style shirt. Classic cotton pajama shirt can be a great for everyday wearing. It is very comfortable, but looks stylish and mixed with some straight high waist jeans, it can make you look very fashionable without any effort. If you choose silk pajama style shirt it can be used as more formal wear as well and combined with jacket and classical pants or shirt can be turned into a business outfit.

Every women this season also must have pointed-toe shoes with no heels. Previous seasons rounded-toe shoes were actual, but now pointed-toes are coming back. This kind of heelless shoes comes in all colors and styles so everyone can find something appropriate. Best choice probably will be classic shoes in black or white color so you can match them with any outfit.

Classic white sneakers is definitely must have this season. Now sneakers are very actual and they can be used not only as sports shoes but even combined with classical dress or jacket. They are extremely comfortable and looks great. Just make sure they are classical free time sneakers not fitness or running shoos. They can also have some colorful accents to make them more interesting.

Another item that will work for almost any occasion is knitted dress. It will be especially suitable for cold weather, because knitwear is not only comfortable, but also warm. Knitted dress can be combined with classical jacket and high heel shoos to create formal looks or with some leather jacket and rough boots to create tougher look.

Choker necklaces have become top accessory so every women definitely should have at least one of them. They comes in all shapes, colors and sizes, but using one can make any outfit fashionable. They can compliment either long evening dress or everyday outfit. Just make sure your choker fits the outfit you have chosen.

And the last item is oversize coat. Oversize clothes are this seasons top actuality. Oversize coat will be very comfortable, warm and will make you look fashionable. You can combine it with any clothes and wear in any situation. We would command to choose oversize coat in classic colors that can be combined with any shoes and other accessories.