Lingerie trends

Although lingerie is the part of the outfit that we doesn’t show off, it doesn’t mean we can forget about it. Lingerie still is important part of our wardrobe, so you must always make sure you are choosing the most beautiful lingerie and following newest lingerie trends. Here are some of the newest fashion actualities in lingerie world.

First lets talk about colors. This season dark, dirty, natural colors are very common in almost every type of clothing and lingerie is no exception. There are mostly dark blue, dark red, olive green, gray, black and violet color tones used in lingerie. Some light colors are also used such as light peach, light pink, light yellow and pure white. There are no electric, bright colors used anymore.

If we talk about prints and patterns than lace and single colored fabric are almost only things allowed right now. There are no mixed colors, stripes, dots, stars, flowers or anything else. Just pure, one color lace. The pattern of lance usually consists of typical detailed flowers and other plant motives, but nothing else is used. There ere only very plain and simple patterns or even no patterns at all.

Although simplicity reflects in both colors and patterns, there are many different details and ornaments used in shape. Very actual are extra straps around shoulders, back, chest and hips. Also bouquets and extra lace on edges are used. There can be metallic elements, sparkles and glitters as well but only in small amounts to keep the elegance.

Fabric of the lingerie again must be very plan and simple. It must be free and airy. Mostly even transparent lace and silk or knitwear fabrics are used in making lingerie. There are no pads used in bra or anywhere else. The lingerie now must make very natural and breathy looks.

What is interesting, there are not only typical bra and drawer combination used. Now very actual are plan, airy negligees and also corsets. There are even short airy dresses and dressing gowns. Also stockings with hosiery are very actual right now. Almost every body part must be covered, but with very thin lace or almost transparent fabric.

All together lingerie now must create sort of mystery. All the pieces of lingerie are very elegant and simple rather than sexy or seductive, but it still is tempting. It is sort of vintage style, but in a whole new manner. It is almost aristocratic, but in lot more modern manner.

Lingerie is an important piece of outfit, because it determinate the way you feel and present yourself. Although no one can see it, it can make a huge difference in your overall appearance, so never underestimate the importance of fashionable, beautiful lingerie.