How To Live Well Without A Credit Card

Owning a credit card is just a normal part of life. Everyone is going to own them sooner or later, init? Nope. That’s just a myth that you heard and subsequently believed without actually stopping to find out the facts for yourself.

You can live a very good, successful life without ever owning a credit card. We know that because a lot of people have tried it with success. How did they do it, right? Those are the secrets we are about to share with you in our article today.

Get your friends and your family, these might just be the tips that change everything for you (i migliori prodotti possono essere trovati qui).

It’s all in your mind…

First things first, disabuse your mind. It’s easier than you think – living without credit cards, that is.

Credit cards weren’t always this popular as they are now. And we are talking about times as recent as two decades back. Our addiction to credit cards as a country is actually a fairly recent one.

And it has gotten so bad that some really false myths surrounding credit cards have developed.

For instance, the biggest credit card myth of all: you need a credit card just in case.

It’s simply not true. And a better way to handle emergencies is to set up a proper emergency fund, even if it isn’t a large one. Often times, the credit cards we get for “just in case” end up being used for other things too (friggitrice ad aria).

So, here are ways to break that bad habit…

  1. Use debit cards instead: Companies like visa and MasterCard have debit cards you could use and they are usable almost anywhere where plastic is accepted. Do not accept any line of credit offered you by your bank while using your debit card. If you do this, then congratulations, you’ve managed to make a credit card out of your debit card. The normal thing should be that your debit card ceases to work once the money in your account is finished.
  2. Try prepaid: This works like a debit card just that the card isn’t linked to your checking account. Instead you add money to the card and it runs until the money gets exhausted and you have to add more. Look out for prepaid cards with low fees and cash back rewards. Prepaid cards are also fantastic tools to help you budget.
  3. Open a Paypal account: Paypal is great for when you have to make online purchases and most websites accept them. Try opening a Paypal account, and if you like, you could also get a Paypal prepaid card that’s linked to your Paypal account too.
  4. Track your Spending: When the safety net of your credit card is out of the picture, tracking your spending becomes extra important, since you know there’s no other way out once your money is finished. It will also compel you to set up a real emergency fund.
  5. Set up an emergency fund: Move the funds out of your everyday bank and move them into an online bank. You won’t be tempted to spend, plus, their interests are really high.

So you see, living without a credit card is very workable. Forget the myths you’ve heard and set out to find out the truth for yourself. We hope these tips we’ve offered have helped.