Eyeglasses Fashion

Nowadays eyeglasses is not only a vision corrective instrument, but important accessory as well. They are being worn to highlight specific details in the face and create certain look. As any accessory also eyeglasses have some fashion trends and their styles are changing over the time. This season eyeglasses’ fashion can be described as extraordinary and courageous. Mostly it is inspired from 60s, 70s and 80s. If you remember, that was the time when big, massive, colorful glasses were very common. Also now glasses are very observable, but in little bit different manner.

This season, just like in several previous seasons, extremely big, oversize glasses are considered as fashionable. They look good to almost anyone, because big glasses makes the face look smaller, thinner and more feminine, but you must be careful when choosing oversize glasses. If they will be too big and massive for your face, the glasses will be the only thing people will notice in your face. The best option is to choose oversize glasses in colors that matches your hair or eye color.

One of the top fashion trends this season is cat eye shaped frames. Those are glasses with pinched upper corners. They create very feminine, classic and also sexy outlook and makes the face stand out. However, you should be careful with choosing this kind of glasses, because they won’t work well for anyone. They make the upper part of the face look bigger, so if you have triangle face shape, better choose something else.

Until now round shaped glasses were quite unusual, but now it is one of the top trends. John Lennon style glasses are quite common and actually they look very good for most of the people. Although they might seem too extraordinary for everyday wearing, round shaped glasses actually look very feminine. It creates sort of freethinker, artist kind of looks, but still remains elegant and classy. Round shaped eyeglasses will look extremely good people with thin face and with pronounced cheek bones.

Also aviator type glasses are trendy now. This shape was very popular among sunglasses last season, but now it is used for traditional eyeglasses as well. They create more tougher look, but still can be combined with elegant, business type outfits. These glasses looks good for different face shapes so it is a safe choice in most of the cases.

And traditional rectangular shaped glasses are fashionable as well, but this season they must have very massive frames. Both wide and narrow shapes are used, but frames must stand out. As these glasses are quite outstanding, you must be sure you choose right color and shape. If you doesn’t gave strong face, better don’t choose too massive or colorful rectangular shaped glasses, because than they will overshadow your face and people will see only your glasses.

As you see, very extraordinary, big and outstanding glasses are now fashionable, but when choosing eyeglasses still the most important criteria should be compatibility with your look. You shouldn’t choose the gasses just because they are trendy, if they don’t look good on you.