How to choose fashionable winter jacket according to your body type?

Fashion is important to create elegant and beautiful image, but you must also think about your body type and how newest fashion trends looks exactly on you. As most important item for upcoming winter season is coat or winter jacket, here are some fashionable winter jacket examples that will work for each body type.

On tall women almost everything looks good, but as the hottest trend this season is oversize clothes, tall women should try it. Oversize coats are very actual right now, but unfortunately, they doesn’t look well on every body type. Tall women are those lucky ones who can afford to wear then without looking too short, fat or shapeless. However, tall and skinny women also must be careful when choosing oversize coat, because it can look too massive.

Corpulent women should choose straight A shape coat with free bottom part. That will make the body look thinner, because it won’t put so much emphases on the waist. Also coats with big hoods will look good, because they can highlight the shoulder part. Oversize coats can look good as well, but the woman must be careful with them, because too baggy coat will make you look even bigger.

Athletic women should choose classic coats with V neck. This kind of coats are always actual and can highlight the chest and shoulder. Also coats and jackets with big collars will look great on athletic body. They will put the emphasis on the upper body and make the body more feminine. Of course, for athletic women also sporty jackets will look just great.

Sand glass body shape owners can afford to wear almost anything. We would recommend classic coat with belt at the waist. This kind of coat will highlight the feminine shapes, but as coats with belts are not so trendy anymore, great alternative would be classical coat with narrow waist. If woman has a sand glass shape, she should avoid oversize coats or wide coats, because they will make the body look a lot bigger than it actually is and no one will see the perfect body lines.

For short women short coats will work. They will expose the legs along so it with short coat woman will look a lot taller than she actually is. Short women can choose not only classical coats, but also short fur coats and sporty jackets. Short women definitely shouldn’t choose trendy oversize coats, because they will just drown in them.

And women with pear body shape should choose classic coats with all kind of details in upper part. For example, with big hood, fur on the collar, shoulder pads etc. Women with pear body shape should avoid A shape coats or coats with massive lower part to mot make the hips even bigger then they are. Also a bit baggy coat can look great, if only women with pear shape isn’t short.

Although some of the mentioned winter coat trends are more common than others, all of them can make the women look fashionable. The biggest mistake is to choose the most trendy fashion items that doesn’t fit the body type. There is no sense in choosing clothes that makes your body look ridiculous.