Most actual make up tendencies

Make up is as important as clothes when it comes to style and image, so you have to be aware not only for the clothing fashion tendencies, but make up actualities as well. This season brave, outstanding accents are combined with natural beauty. Here are some of the hottest make up tendencies right now.

One of the top trends right now is red lips. Bright red lips are classic, but now all kind of red tones are widely used among make up artists. From pale red pastel tones until dark Bordeaux wine red lips are considered as fashionable. Especially common are matte red lipsticks combined with the same color pencils to create fully lips. If you choose very bright or dark red tones that really stands out, don’t use too much of other decorative make up. You can even tr red lips with no other make up at all, but than make sure our shin is in perfect condition, because the red color will highlight all the flaws of your face.

Another trend is blue color tones in eye make up. You can use blue mascara, eye shadows, liners, pencils, glitters and everything else. As blue color is quite unnatural and outstanding, you should choose it more for evening make up. Then you can choose cobalt blue, dark blue, turquoise and other bright tones and even combine them with glitters. For day make up more suitable will be either very dark blue tones, for example, very dark mascara or liner or light blue tones for smoky eye shadows.

Quite uncommon trend is very outstanding and even unnatural eyelashes. This unnatural eyelash look can be made either with mascara or fake eyelashes. If you use mascara than put it in very thick layer. You can also choose mascara that make lashes grouped and uneven. Better looks you can create by using fake lashes. They comes in different shapes and sises so you can have any kind of lashes you want. For example very bushy lashes, long lashes or even extraordinary grouped or colored lashes.

Also all kind of glitters and sparkles are now very fashionable. Especially common they are in eye make up, but also on lips some glitters can be put on. You can variate with colors, combinations, types of glitters and everything else. All kind of glitters are trendy, but don’t get inflated by them. Too much glitters can create vulgar or childish look even for evening make up. Better choose to put only some small glitters on the lash line or bigger litters on the outer edge of your eyelids.

And light or even pale skin is the newest trend that hasn’t been around for many years. Until now brown, tanned skin was considered as beautiful, but no aristocratic paleness is fashionable. Especially actual is pale skin combined with dark red lips to make even scary, vampire kind of looks. If you have naturally dark skin, you can try to choose few tones lighter foundation to get this kind of looks.

And the last tendency that we definitely must mention is cat eyes. Liner is very actual make up product this season and you can create very outstanding tall lines. Not only black liner can be used, but all the other colors as well. You can experiment with different thickness lines on both upper and lower eyelids. That will make your eyes really stand out. You can use it in day make up as well, but than choose thinner and shorter lines to keep natural look.