Most actual colors this season

Every season comes with changes in actual color trends and this winter season is no exception. The bright, electric colors mostly have been changed with some dirty, natural earth colors, but there are some bright remained also this season. More dark colors are dominating, but there are some light tones used as well. Let’s take a closer look at most actual color trends and examples for their usage.

Bordeaux wine or very dark red color is recognized as the most modern color this season. You probably have noticed that this color is used almost everywhere. Dresses, shirts, blouses, sweaters, bags, shoos and all the other clothes and accessories comes in this color. Even in make up and hair colors it appears very often. This color looks good for almost any skin types and hair colors so it is hard to make a mistake with choosing it, beside it very well goes together with other earth tones and even pastels. Also gold and silver accessories and details will look great combined with Bordeaux wine tone.

Also bright red tones are actual. This is one of the most outstanding and brave colors to choose from, so with this one you should be more careful. It can look good for almost any type of clothes or accessories, but it is harder to combine it with other colors, beside it can bring out all your flaws. Bright red will work out well with black, white, dark blue and some other pure colors. It can be a great choice for evening dress, but as everyday dressing it might be too outstanding.

Cobalt blue is another brave, but very actual choice. Unlike bright red, this one is easier to combine with other colors. For example, cobalt will look great with many pastel tones, classical white and black colors, natural earth colors and even some bright colors. Also it is more suitable for different skin types, but most beautiful it will look for women with blue eyes and blond hair. This color can be used in everyday clothing if complimented with other, more modest and calm clothes and accessories, but it is most suitable for going out.

All kind of gray tones are actual now. That is great, because gray looks good on anyone and goes together with all the colors and tones. They can be used in everyday outfits to make modest, ascetic, but still elegant and modern looks, but they will work well also in evening dress if complimented with bright or shiny accessories. You can choose any accessories you want, because there are no color that doesn’t look good next to gray.

Also all kind of violet tones are very common this season. Although this color is considered as old people color, now it is a trend. From from light pastel lilac color to very dark violet tones – they all are fashionable now. Lighter colors will be great for everyday clothes, bit dark violet will look very elegant for evening wear. Violet color looks good for many skin types, but it can make you look very pale if combined with wrong colors.

These are some of the top colors, but you will never go wrong if you choose classical black and white colors or same light pastel tones as well. Most important thing is to choose colors that fits your skin, hair and eye colors and also make sure you choose the right clothing color combinations.