How To Live Well Without A Credit Card

Owning a credit card is just a normal part of life. Everyone is going to own them sooner or later, init? Nope. That’s just a myth that you heard and subsequently believed without actually stopping to find out the facts for yourself.

You can live a very good, successful life without ever owning a credit card. We know that because a lot of people have tried it with success. How did they do it, right? Those are the secrets we are about to share with you in our article today.

Get your friends and your family, these might just be the tips that change everything for you (i migliori prodotti possono essere trovati qui).

It’s all in your mind…

First things first, disabuse your mind. It’s easier than you think – living without credit cards, that is.

Credit cards weren’t always this popular as they are now. And we are talking about times as recent as two decades back. Our addiction to credit cards as a country is actually a fairly recent one.

And it has gotten so bad that some really false myths surrounding credit cards have developed.

For instance, the biggest credit card myth of all: you need a credit card just in case.

It’s simply not true. And a better way to handle emergencies is to set up a proper emergency fund, even if it isn’t a large one. Often times, the credit cards we get for “just in case” end up being used for other things too (friggitrice ad aria).

So, here are ways to break that bad habit…

  1. Use debit cards instead: Companies like visa and MasterCard have debit cards you could use and they are usable almost anywhere where plastic is accepted. Do not accept any line of credit offered you by your bank while using your debit card. If you do this, then congratulations, you’ve managed to make a credit card out of your debit card. The normal thing should be that your debit card ceases to work once the money in your account is finished.
  2. Try prepaid: This works like a debit card just that the card isn’t linked to your checking account. Instead you add money to the card and it runs until the money gets exhausted and you have to add more. Look out for prepaid cards with low fees and cash back rewards. Prepaid cards are also fantastic tools to help you budget.
  3. Open a Paypal account: Paypal is great for when you have to make online purchases and most websites accept them. Try opening a Paypal account, and if you like, you could also get a Paypal prepaid card that’s linked to your Paypal account too.
  4. Track your Spending: When the safety net of your credit card is out of the picture, tracking your spending becomes extra important, since you know there’s no other way out once your money is finished. It will also compel you to set up a real emergency fund.
  5. Set up an emergency fund: Move the funds out of your everyday bank and move them into an online bank. You won’t be tempted to spend, plus, their interests are really high.

So you see, living without a credit card is very workable. Forget the myths you’ve heard and set out to find out the truth for yourself. We hope these tips we’ve offered have helped.

Different types of catering establishments

When you need to choose a place where to have a meal, it is important to know the differences between catering establishments and their functions. You can eat all of them, but there are different atmosphere, prices and order of service in them so it is very useful to understand which one is more suitable in each case.

One of the most commonly used names is restaurant, although many establishments who wear this name doesn’t conform the standards of the restaurant. A restaurant is an establishment that serves the customers with food and beverage on the premises only. There are many types of restaurants, but the common aspect is that restaurants are not meant only to get some food, but also to rest in nice atmosphere and have a good time. In the restaurants waiter serves the costumers from the moment when they enter the establishment until the moment they leave it. Some high class restaurants even have specific dress codes to make very solemn atmosphere.

Café is an establishment that serves the customers with food and beverage either on the premises or for takeout. Usually in cafes there are only drinks and snacks offered and the waiter only sells the food and brings it to the table. In cafes also it is possible to relax and, for example, read a newspaper or spend some spare time, but the interior and atmosphere there is very simple. Food and drinks in cafes are cheaper than in restaurants, but are more overprized then in shops.

Pizzeria is an establishment that serves the customers with food, usually pizza or similar foods to pizza and beverage either on the premises or for takeout. Pizzerias have different policies. Some are more similar to restaurants, but some to fast food restaurants. Most often in pizzerias waiter serves the costumers the whole time and costumers can also have some nice time at the establishment, but the food and atmosphere is not so fancy as in typical restaurants.

Bistro is an establishment that serves the customers with food and beverage either on the premises or for takeout. Bistros are small, simple and practical. Usually there are very casual warm foods served. Food is already made and there is no need to order it. In most cases waiter puts the selected food on the plate and customer pay for it before eating.
Fast food restaurant also is an establishment that serves the customers with food and beverage. More often the order is for takeout, but sometimes costumers also eat in on the premises. Fast food restaurants usually serve only one type of foods, for example, burgers, kebabs, sandwiches, chicken wings etc. The service is the same as in bistro – costumer orders the food, pays for it and then eats or takes away. Fast food restaurants also are for meal only.

Street food stands is one of the lower class catering establishments. They offer the food to the costumers for takeout only. Usually they sell fats foods that have only few ingredients and are easy to make. Seller only makes the snack and sells it to the costumers.

Eyeglasses Fashion

Nowadays eyeglasses is not only a vision corrective instrument, but important accessory as well. They are being worn to highlight specific details in the face and create certain look. As any accessory also eyeglasses have some fashion trends and their styles are changing over the time. This season eyeglasses’ fashion can be described as extraordinary and courageous. Mostly it is inspired from 60s, 70s and 80s. If you remember, that was the time when big, massive, colorful glasses were very common. Also now glasses are very observable, but in little bit different manner.

This season, just like in several previous seasons, extremely big, oversize glasses are considered as fashionable. They look good to almost anyone, because big glasses makes the face look smaller, thinner and more feminine, but you must be careful when choosing oversize glasses. If they will be too big and massive for your face, the glasses will be the only thing people will notice in your face. The best option is to choose oversize glasses in colors that matches your hair or eye color.

One of the top fashion trends this season is cat eye shaped frames. Those are glasses with pinched upper corners. They create very feminine, classic and also sexy outlook and makes the face stand out. However, you should be careful with choosing this kind of glasses, because they won’t work well for anyone. They make the upper part of the face look bigger, so if you have triangle face shape, better choose something else.

Until now round shaped glasses were quite unusual, but now it is one of the top trends. John Lennon style glasses are quite common and actually they look very good for most of the people. Although they might seem too extraordinary for everyday wearing, round shaped glasses actually look very feminine. It creates sort of freethinker, artist kind of looks, but still remains elegant and classy. Round shaped eyeglasses will look extremely good people with thin face and with pronounced cheek bones.

Also aviator type glasses are trendy now. This shape was very popular among sunglasses last season, but now it is used for traditional eyeglasses as well. They create more tougher look, but still can be combined with elegant, business type outfits. These glasses looks good for different face shapes so it is a safe choice in most of the cases.

And traditional rectangular shaped glasses are fashionable as well, but this season they must have very massive frames. Both wide and narrow shapes are used, but frames must stand out. As these glasses are quite outstanding, you must be sure you choose right color and shape. If you doesn’t gave strong face, better don’t choose too massive or colorful rectangular shaped glasses, because than they will overshadow your face and people will see only your glasses.

As you see, very extraordinary, big and outstanding glasses are now fashionable, but when choosing eyeglasses still the most important criteria should be compatibility with your look. You shouldn’t choose the gasses just because they are trendy, if they don’t look good on you.

How to choose fashionable winter jacket according to your body type?

Fashion is important to create elegant and beautiful image, but you must also think about your body type and how newest fashion trends looks exactly on you. As most important item for upcoming winter season is coat or winter jacket, here are some fashionable winter jacket examples that will work for each body type.

On tall women almost everything looks good, but as the hottest trend this season is oversize clothes, tall women should try it. Oversize coats are very actual right now, but unfortunately, they doesn’t look well on every body type. Tall women are those lucky ones who can afford to wear then without looking too short, fat or shapeless. However, tall and skinny women also must be careful when choosing oversize coat, because it can look too massive.

Corpulent women should choose straight A shape coat with free bottom part. That will make the body look thinner, because it won’t put so much emphases on the waist. Also coats with big hoods will look good, because they can highlight the shoulder part. Oversize coats can look good as well, but the woman must be careful with them, because too baggy coat will make you look even bigger.

Athletic women should choose classic coats with V neck. This kind of coats are always actual and can highlight the chest and shoulder. Also coats and jackets with big collars will look great on athletic body. They will put the emphasis on the upper body and make the body more feminine. Of course, for athletic women also sporty jackets will look just great.

Sand glass body shape owners can afford to wear almost anything. We would recommend classic coat with belt at the waist. This kind of coat will highlight the feminine shapes, but as coats with belts are not so trendy anymore, great alternative would be classical coat with narrow waist. If woman has a sand glass shape, she should avoid oversize coats or wide coats, because they will make the body look a lot bigger than it actually is and no one will see the perfect body lines.

For short women short coats will work. They will expose the legs along so it with short coat woman will look a lot taller than she actually is. Short women can choose not only classical coats, but also short fur coats and sporty jackets. Short women definitely shouldn’t choose trendy oversize coats, because they will just drown in them.

And women with pear body shape should choose classic coats with all kind of details in upper part. For example, with big hood, fur on the collar, shoulder pads etc. Women with pear body shape should avoid A shape coats or coats with massive lower part to mot make the hips even bigger then they are. Also a bit baggy coat can look great, if only women with pear shape isn’t short.

Although some of the mentioned winter coat trends are more common than others, all of them can make the women look fashionable. The biggest mistake is to choose the most trendy fashion items that doesn’t fit the body type. There is no sense in choosing clothes that makes your body look ridiculous.

Lingerie trends

Although lingerie is the part of the outfit that we doesn’t show off, it doesn’t mean we can forget about it. Lingerie still is important part of our wardrobe, so you must always make sure you are choosing the most beautiful lingerie and following newest lingerie trends. Here are some of the newest fashion actualities in lingerie world.

First lets talk about colors. This season dark, dirty, natural colors are very common in almost every type of clothing and lingerie is no exception. There are mostly dark blue, dark red, olive green, gray, black and violet color tones used in lingerie. Some light colors are also used such as light peach, light pink, light yellow and pure white. There are no electric, bright colors used anymore.

If we talk about prints and patterns than lace and single colored fabric are almost only things allowed right now. There are no mixed colors, stripes, dots, stars, flowers or anything else. Just pure, one color lace. The pattern of lance usually consists of typical detailed flowers and other plant motives, but nothing else is used. There ere only very plain and simple patterns or even no patterns at all.

Although simplicity reflects in both colors and patterns, there are many different details and ornaments used in shape. Very actual are extra straps around shoulders, back, chest and hips. Also bouquets and extra lace on edges are used. There can be metallic elements, sparkles and glitters as well but only in small amounts to keep the elegance.

Fabric of the lingerie again must be very plan and simple. It must be free and airy. Mostly even transparent lace and silk or knitwear fabrics are used in making lingerie. There are no pads used in bra or anywhere else. The lingerie now must make very natural and breathy looks.

What is interesting, there are not only typical bra and drawer combination used. Now very actual are plan, airy negligees and also corsets. There are even short airy dresses and dressing gowns. Also stockings with hosiery are very actual right now. Almost every body part must be covered, but with very thin lace or almost transparent fabric.

All together lingerie now must create sort of mystery. All the pieces of lingerie are very elegant and simple rather than sexy or seductive, but it still is tempting. It is sort of vintage style, but in a whole new manner. It is almost aristocratic, but in lot more modern manner.

Lingerie is an important piece of outfit, because it determinate the way you feel and present yourself. Although no one can see it, it can make a huge difference in your overall appearance, so never underestimate the importance of fashionable, beautiful lingerie.

Manicure Fashion Tendencies

Nails are as important as clothes when it come to fashion tendencies. Although there is not so much space for creative expression on nails as it is for other body parts, there are still some trends that refers to the color, texture, shape and style. Let’s find out what fashionable nails should look this season.

First let’s talk about colors. Although in clothing more dark natural earth tones are used, in manicure there are no boundaries when it comes to colors. Of course if you choose color tones that are actual in clothing, it will be easier to match your nails with clothes, but still, nails this season can be painted in any color and there can also be different color combinations used. As in previous seasons, also now each nail can be painted in different color and also in different style.

When it comes to shape, newest tendencies are quite different form the last seasons. First of all, now short or medium nails are considered as fashionable. Long nails are not so common, although they still appear in some fashion events and magazines. The shapes of nails, however, can be very different. From pointy to flat and round. Actually very creative and even unusual shapes are now trendy.

Mostly manicure fashion tendencies appears in different styles and textures. One of the hottest trend is upgraded french manicure. That means the nail itself is in different color than the edge of it, like in typical french manicure, but the difference is that there can be very different colors used not only pink and white. For example, very common nail style is the same color for whole nail, but the edge is glanced and the whole nail is matted. Another common example is natural colored nail with shiny edge. Just two bright colors can be used as well.

Another trend is to paint the nail cuticle or lower part in different color. It is like opposite french manicure. Here again all kind of styles and colors can be used. There can be natural circles highlighted or all kind of shapes painted. Also there can be spaces in coloring and some extra ornaments to make nails even more outstanding and interesting.

All kind of traditional ornaments can be put on nails as well. In this summer season henna type ornaments were trendy, but now more Scandinavian type ornaments are used, as it reflects the cold weather. Also more modern ornaments are quite common such as graphics, all kind of colorful lines etc.

And as always, minimalism is fashionable as well – nails can be painted in one color. It looks classic and elegant and goes together with any outfit. If you choose this style you can show your sense of fashion by choosing most common colors such as wine red, olive green, violet, gray and blue or by using matte colors. Simple one color nails also can be complimented with small shiny details such as metallic lines, small glitters or sparkles.

Most actual colors this season

Every season comes with changes in actual color trends and this winter season is no exception. The bright, electric colors mostly have been changed with some dirty, natural earth colors, but there are some bright remained also this season. More dark colors are dominating, but there are some light tones used as well. Let’s take a closer look at most actual color trends and examples for their usage.

Bordeaux wine or very dark red color is recognized as the most modern color this season. You probably have noticed that this color is used almost everywhere. Dresses, shirts, blouses, sweaters, bags, shoos and all the other clothes and accessories comes in this color. Even in make up and hair colors it appears very often. This color looks good for almost any skin types and hair colors so it is hard to make a mistake with choosing it, beside it very well goes together with other earth tones and even pastels. Also gold and silver accessories and details will look great combined with Bordeaux wine tone.

Also bright red tones are actual. This is one of the most outstanding and brave colors to choose from, so with this one you should be more careful. It can look good for almost any type of clothes or accessories, but it is harder to combine it with other colors, beside it can bring out all your flaws. Bright red will work out well with black, white, dark blue and some other pure colors. It can be a great choice for evening dress, but as everyday dressing it might be too outstanding.

Cobalt blue is another brave, but very actual choice. Unlike bright red, this one is easier to combine with other colors. For example, cobalt will look great with many pastel tones, classical white and black colors, natural earth colors and even some bright colors. Also it is more suitable for different skin types, but most beautiful it will look for women with blue eyes and blond hair. This color can be used in everyday clothing if complimented with other, more modest and calm clothes and accessories, but it is most suitable for going out.

All kind of gray tones are actual now. That is great, because gray looks good on anyone and goes together with all the colors and tones. They can be used in everyday outfits to make modest, ascetic, but still elegant and modern looks, but they will work well also in evening dress if complimented with bright or shiny accessories. You can choose any accessories you want, because there are no color that doesn’t look good next to gray.

Also all kind of violet tones are very common this season. Although this color is considered as old people color, now it is a trend. From from light pastel lilac color to very dark violet tones – they all are fashionable now. Lighter colors will be great for everyday clothes, bit dark violet will look very elegant for evening wear. Violet color looks good for many skin types, but it can make you look very pale if combined with wrong colors.

These are some of the top colors, but you will never go wrong if you choose classical black and white colors or same light pastel tones as well. Most important thing is to choose colors that fits your skin, hair and eye colors and also make sure you choose the right clothing color combinations.

Most actual make up tendencies

Make up is as important as clothes when it comes to style and image, so you have to be aware not only for the clothing fashion tendencies, but make up actualities as well. This season brave, outstanding accents are combined with natural beauty. Here are some of the hottest make up tendencies right now.

One of the top trends right now is red lips. Bright red lips are classic, but now all kind of red tones are widely used among make up artists. From pale red pastel tones until dark Bordeaux wine red lips are considered as fashionable. Especially common are matte red lipsticks combined with the same color pencils to create fully lips. If you choose very bright or dark red tones that really stands out, don’t use too much of other decorative make up. You can even tr red lips with no other make up at all, but than make sure our shin is in perfect condition, because the red color will highlight all the flaws of your face.

Another trend is blue color tones in eye make up. You can use blue mascara, eye shadows, liners, pencils, glitters and everything else. As blue color is quite unnatural and outstanding, you should choose it more for evening make up. Then you can choose cobalt blue, dark blue, turquoise and other bright tones and even combine them with glitters. For day make up more suitable will be either very dark blue tones, for example, very dark mascara or liner or light blue tones for smoky eye shadows.

Quite uncommon trend is very outstanding and even unnatural eyelashes. This unnatural eyelash look can be made either with mascara or fake eyelashes. If you use mascara than put it in very thick layer. You can also choose mascara that make lashes grouped and uneven. Better looks you can create by using fake lashes. They comes in different shapes and sises so you can have any kind of lashes you want. For example very bushy lashes, long lashes or even extraordinary grouped or colored lashes.

Also all kind of glitters and sparkles are now very fashionable. Especially common they are in eye make up, but also on lips some glitters can be put on. You can variate with colors, combinations, types of glitters and everything else. All kind of glitters are trendy, but don’t get inflated by them. Too much glitters can create vulgar or childish look even for evening make up. Better choose to put only some small glitters on the lash line or bigger litters on the outer edge of your eyelids.

And light or even pale skin is the newest trend that hasn’t been around for many years. Until now brown, tanned skin was considered as beautiful, but no aristocratic paleness is fashionable. Especially actual is pale skin combined with dark red lips to make even scary, vampire kind of looks. If you have naturally dark skin, you can try to choose few tones lighter foundation to get this kind of looks.

And the last tendency that we definitely must mention is cat eyes. Liner is very actual make up product this season and you can create very outstanding tall lines. Not only black liner can be used, but all the other colors as well. You can experiment with different thickness lines on both upper and lower eyelids. That will make your eyes really stand out. You can use it in day make up as well, but than choose thinner and shorter lines to keep natural look.

Must have fashion items you need to get this season

As we all know, there are some overall must have fashion items such as little black dress, classical coat, comfortable high heel shoes and other things that can be useful in any situation, but also there are some items you should get exactly for this season to make your look fashionable in any occasion.

First item is the 90s style slip dress. It is very simple airy dress that is very actual fashion tendency right now and can wok in almost any situation. You can use it as everyday outfit for work or other simple occasions if it is combined with classical jacket and simple shoos or as evening dress if combined with some elegant accessories such as jewelry and high heel shoes. Slip dress is a great base that can be turned into a fashion outfit.

Next item is pajama style shirt. Classic cotton pajama shirt can be a great for everyday wearing. It is very comfortable, but looks stylish and mixed with some straight high waist jeans, it can make you look very fashionable without any effort. If you choose silk pajama style shirt it can be used as more formal wear as well and combined with jacket and classical pants or shirt can be turned into a business outfit.

Every women this season also must have pointed-toe shoes with no heels. Previous seasons rounded-toe shoes were actual, but now pointed-toes are coming back. This kind of heelless shoes comes in all colors and styles so everyone can find something appropriate. Best choice probably will be classic shoes in black or white color so you can match them with any outfit.

Classic white sneakers is definitely must have this season. Now sneakers are very actual and they can be used not only as sports shoes but even combined with classical dress or jacket. They are extremely comfortable and looks great. Just make sure they are classical free time sneakers not fitness or running shoos. They can also have some colorful accents to make them more interesting.

Another item that will work for almost any occasion is knitted dress. It will be especially suitable for cold weather, because knitwear is not only comfortable, but also warm. Knitted dress can be combined with classical jacket and high heel shoos to create formal looks or with some leather jacket and rough boots to create tougher look.

Choker necklaces have become top accessory so every women definitely should have at least one of them. They comes in all shapes, colors and sizes, but using one can make any outfit fashionable. They can compliment either long evening dress or everyday outfit. Just make sure your choker fits the outfit you have chosen.

And the last item is oversize coat. Oversize clothes are this seasons top actuality. Oversize coat will be very comfortable, warm and will make you look fashionable. You can combine it with any clothes and wear in any situation. We would command to choose oversize coat in classic colors that can be combined with any shoes and other accessories.

Newest hairstyle trends

Hairstyle is the best instrument that helps to reflect and show off your personality, so it must be unique and suitable specially for you and your character, but still there are some hairstyle trends from which you can inspire. As the new hairstyle trends are very different, everyone should be able to find something appropriate. Form boyish short hairs until long curly princess type hairs – trends are incredibly varied.

This season very actual is simple low ponytail. That is one of the most ordinary hairstyles which women use every day without any attention on being trendy, but now it turns out to be one of the favorite hairstyles of high fashion designers. So being trendy now is very simple, but if you want to use this hairstyle also when going out to some more serious events, you can simply add some twirls on the sides or elegant knot.

The crimp has returned from the 80s, just in a little bit different manner. Crimp can be mixed with all kinds of hairdo, for example, the same pony tail can be supplemented with it. All kind of crazy, fluffy hairdos will work as well. No matter if you have a short hair or a long hair, you can always make your look interesting and outstanding with crimp.

All kind of buns now are trendy as well. Form classic and elegant ballerina bun til messy double buns. You can use your fantasy to come up with the craziest bun designs, because they all will make you fashionable, beside it is very comfortable to wear one.

Extra volume is another trend that has come beck from the 80s. Either they are extreme hair extensions that makes the hair wild and curly or just hair lifting at the roots, it will make you look like from a high fashion magazine. Just be careful with choosing this kind of hairstyle, because it will take a lot of care to look nice.

Also retro style wave are fashionable again. This hairstyle comes from the 20s and you have probably seen it in old black and white movies and pictures. These waves will really make you look very elegant. That is not an every day hairstyle but will be a great accent for your looks at some sophisticated event.

As always, very long, straight hair is trendy. It is not so easy to get this type of hair in natural way, but extensions are available. Also high fashion designers on the catwalks send models with extremely long, smooth extensions that look natural.

And the last trend is slicked beck, wet hair looks. Also this comes from 80s, but again, it is little bit different than it was beck then. First of all, now it is even more unnatural and makes even a little bit weird look, but it puts very strong emphases to the face. As the hair are slicked back, it looks almost like no hair at all from the front side.

As the hairstyle trends are so different and unique, it is even hard to choose a hairstyle that is not fashionable. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits to the shape of your face and puts the accent on your strong sides and hides the flaws. Hairstyle can completely change the looks so make sure you make a best of yours.